ROM Programming service with high technical capacity and flexible response is provided by device programmer manufacturers.

Minato Holdings Inc. provides ROM programming service with own brand equipments such as device programmers, sockets adaptors, automatic programming systems. Our engineers and skilled management and operation staffs maintains high level of quality standard for ROM programming service.

Strong point

Fast delivery and highly reliable writing service

Through technical tie-ups with device manufacturers, we provide a highly reliable writing service with short delivery times by consistently performing in-house from the rapid response to new devices and technologies, from the new development and production of conversion adapters to the development of programs. We have realized the provision of.

Prompt response when specification changes or problems occur

Since the engineer who developed the program corresponding to the device provides technical support, it is possible to respond promptly when various specification changes or problems occur.

Flexible support


We have a large number of conversion adapters for various devices and ICs, so we can flexibly handle everything from prototypes to mass production.

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